Merino Wool



Welcome to De Martino Handmade. We want you to meet Merino wool. This precious wool comes from the Merino sheep. The wool is produced by an animal-friendly certified company and is mule-free. These sheep are originally from Southwestern Iberia (Extremadura, Spain). Around 1797, the Merinos were domesticated in New Zealand and Australia. Since then these beautiful animals were grown on these grounds. Merino wool has fine fibers, which make it the softest wool available. Because of this property this wool is able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibers. It also has higher elasticity that helps prevent garments made with Merino wool from losing their shape. Merino wool is made out of keratin, like human hair. Reason why these products are completely biodegradable. Since the coloring of this wool is not toxic the environment can absorb this wool completely without causing any damage to the environment.  


Washing Merino wool  

Our products can be washed gently by hand with cold water and wool soap by the follow steps:
-Fill a basin or bathtub with warm water (30-40 degrees).
- Soak the wool for 3-5 minutes
- Rinse your wool several times with a gentle stream of warm water to get the detergent out. Keep rinsing it until the water runs mostly clear of suds.
-  Squeeze out excess water and DO NOT twist or wring the wool.
- To dry the wool; roll it in a towel and after lay it flat in order to dry. Keep the wool away from heat sources like radiator and direct sun. You should dry your wool in the open air and away from heat to prevent shrinkage


Removing fluff (NL pluis)

Merino wool is a natural product and can fIuff. You can gently pull off or cut off the fluff. Another option is to brush the wool with your hands in order to keep the fibers close to each other. You can do this twice a month.


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